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Did you know that 83% of adults globally have symptoms of gum problems?

The expert in gum health for over 40 years

Since 1980, Parogencyl has been working tirelessly to ensure that your oral hygiene is complete. As a specialist in gum health, Parogencyl has been working for over 40 years to offer you a range of products designed to prevent gum problems. Available only in pharmacies and retailers of pharmaceutical goods, our Parogencyl Gum Action and Parogencyl Gum Protection toothpastes have been clinically tested and developed to provide complete and effective protection against gum problems. Always at the forefront of gum care, our range of interdental cleaning accessories and toothpastes will help you to create a tailor-made hygiene routine that fits your specific dental needs.

Caring for your gums means caring for your whole mouth.

Did you know that over 83% of adults worldwide have symptoms of gum problems?1 And that 10% of adults experience acute gum diseases?2 If gum problems are so widespread, why aren’t we responding to them?

Gum problems are often painless at first, so they can be easy to overlook. But they can soon develop into more serious problems and illnesses, such as periodontitis, gum recession, and even tooth loss.

Responding as soon as the first symptoms appear is the best way to prevent gum problems, and you should endeavour to take care of your gums at the slightest feeling of discomfort, gum inflammation or occasional bleeding.

Adopting good habits and using products that help to promote the health of your gums are therefore vital to maintaining good oral hygiene. But brushing is just the beginning!

Truly effective active ingredients and agents in service of your oral hygiene

From mineral zinc-enriched toothpastes to Chlorhexidine toothpastes, the entire Parogencyl product line is backed by antibacterial agents that work to protect your gums. Developed in collaboration with dental experts, Parogencyl products have been designed to help act on gum problems: both in the short-term by tackling redness, swelling and occasional bleeding, and in the long-term by promoting a preventative approach. Here are some of the key ingredients that make our products stand out:

  • Chlorhexidine (0.125%): found in our Parogencyl Parogencyl Gum Action toothpaste, chlorhexidine is an antibacterial agent that limits the development of bacteria responsible for the build-up of dental plaque.3
  • Perméthol: found in our Parogencyl Parogencyl Gum Action toothpaste, this active ingredient helps reduce occasional gum bleeding.
  • Mineral Zinc: found in our Parogencyl Gum Protection toothpaste, its antibacterial action helps limit the build-up of dental plaque, thus acting on gum inflammation, tartar and bad breath.
  • Fluoride: found in both our Parogencyl Gum Protection and Parogencyl Gum Action toothpaste, this active ingredient helps strengthen enamel and prevent cavities. The FDI suggests that brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste helps maintain good dental health.4

Two steps to tackle gum problems

The Parogencyl product line has been designed around two main axes: care and prevention. Thus, we have developed a unique and complementary two-step system to care help maintain healthy gums, and, in doing so, to help prevent gum problems:

STEP 1: Designed for those who are experiencing specific gum problems (swelling, redness or occasional bleeding) Parogencyl Gum Action Toothpaste is recommended for use for up to three weeks*. Its formula with chlorhexidine and permethol helps reduce the signs of occasional gum inflammation.

STEP 2: We recommend using Parogencyl Gum Protection Toothpaste every day for gums that are twice as healthy in one week compared to a conventional fluoride toothpaste.** Thanks to its mineral zinc-enriched formula, it works to combat the bacteria that cause dental plaque and therefore helps to prevent the inflammation of the gums.

In addition to toothpaste, Parogencyl offers a range of products that provide a variety of solutions for your particular oral health needs. From mouthwashes and interdental accessories to toothpastes that help restore your teeth’s natural whiteness… at Parogencyl, we do everything we can to ensure the health of your gums.

Discover our range here!

* Non-fluorinated toothpaste. Recommended for use for up to 3 weeks before continuing with the complementary toothpaste Parogencyl Prévention Gencives. ** Clinical study, measuring the improvement in gingival index after 1 week compared to a conventional fluoride toothpaste. 2018.


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6 tips for maintaining healthy gums

1 Brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day

Daily brushing for at least two minutes is essential to remove plaque, help prevent tartar build-up and thus take care of your gums. If you are prone to gum problems, opt for a toothbrush and toothpaste specially designed to prevent them, we recommend Parogencyl Gum Protection. Don’t forget to gently brush your gums at the same time.

2 Use interdental cleaning implements 

Using dental floss, soft toothpicks or interdental brushes after brushing is recommended to dislodge food particles stuck between the teeth and to clean areas where dental plaque can easily accumulate between the teeth and under the gums, which may be the cause of occasional bleeding. It is recommended that you use dental floss, soft picks or an interdental brush to help prevent gum disease, and to reach areas where the toothbrush can’t. Run the floss around each tooth in a C shape, moving it back and forth as you do.

3 Add mouthwash to your oral hygiene routine

A mouthwash containing an antibacterial agent can help reduce bacteria present in the oral cavity and in between your teeth. Thus, it can help prevent the appearance of dental plaque, by supplementing the action of brushing, and maintaining good oral hygiene. 

4 Check on your gums regularly

Taking a look at your gums each week will allow you to identify any changes in colour or texture early enough to prevent a possible problem before it becomes more serious.

5 Cut down on alcohol and smoking 

The consumption of tobacco and alcohol can aggravate inflammation of the gums, so it is advisable to avoid them as much as possible4. In fact, according to the 2005 UFSBD-CETA survey “Periodontal Health and associated risk factors”5, tobacco use can weaken the immune system, encourage the growth of gum disease-causing bacteria, and even affect the ability of mouth tissue to heal itself. As for alcohol, consumption in large quantities affects the oral microbiota by encouraging the development of harmful bacteria. 

6 Visit your dentist at least once a year

Even with twice daily tooth brushing, dental plaque can set in for a long time, potentially turning into tartar. It is therefore essential to visit your dentist regularly to keep healthy gums. They can help offer advice on how to maintain good oral health, offer corrective treatments such as in-depth scaling, and even prevent the development of conditions such as gingivitis which is a bacterial infection of the supporting tissues of the tooth.

It’s not just your teeth that matter when it comes to keeping your mouth healthy! Keeping an eye on your gum health, practicing good oral hygiene habits and visiting the dentist regularly are crucial to maintaining overall oral health.


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