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Welcome to the latest issue of Your Health Your Pharmacy. As usual, it is full of articles about what your local pharmacy can offer you, as well as information on maintaining good health and wellbeing.

Your local pharmacy team is made up of caring and dedicated staff. They are also highly trained and qualified, as our ‘meet your local pharmacy team’ feature explains. It takes years of training to be a pharmacist, but you can usually get to see one in hardly any time at all! It is a great strength of our healthcare system that there are such skilful healthcare professionals within easy reach of where most people live, work and shop. This edition also has articles describing the range of clinical services available at your local pharmacy and the importance of regularly checking your medicines. With the NHS celebrating its 75th anniversary earlier this year, some community pharmacists reflect on their experience on the health service front line. With winter on its way, this month’s edition includes articles to help get you through the coldest season. These include tips to help you prepare for the dark mornings and nights, maintaining a healthy lifestyle as the nights close in and the mercury falls and avoiding slips, trips and falls in icy conditions. We also have features on gut health, how your local pharmacy can help avoid debilitating back pain and tips for keeping your brain active and sharp.

As you can see, there’s lots to read and hopefully plenty to interest, inspire and inform you. I hope you enjoy this edition.

Mark Lyonette
Chief Executive

National Pharmacy Association