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About Amarin

Our vision at Amarin is to one day reach the moment when heart disease is no longer one of the leading causes of death in the UK. What drives us every day is our commitment to making a life-changing impact on patients’ lives by advancing pathways for cardiovascular (CV) care in the UK.

We are building on our mission to deliver innovative therapies to help improve the lives of patients at high-risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), challenging the norms to introduce a new era of cardiovascular care.

Cardiovascular disease – A growing health burden

Amarin’s drive to establish a systematic change in cardiovascular disease (CVD) management is being conducted against the backdrop of a major challenge as the problem of CVD is growing. The total annual healthcare cost of CVD in the UK stands at approximately £9 billion a year. With an ageing and growing population, the health and economic burden of CVD is set to continue rising in the coming years.1

In the UK alone, 7.6million people are currently living with heart and circulatory diseases resulting in 168,000 annual deaths. With 24% of all death causes attributable to heart and circulatory diseases, CVD continues to be one of the leading causes of death in both men and women across the United Kingdom.1

This issue is compounded by the rise in prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors such as a type 2 diabetes; the number of type 2 diabetes sufferers has increased rapidly over the last ten years and now affects an estimated 4.4million people in UK.2

How is Amarin working in CVD?

Founded in in 1989, Amarin currently has over 1,000 employees, commercial partners, and suppliers across the world. Having achieved a strong presence in the United States, we are now embarking on creating a new company infrastructure in the UK and building a local company presence in all major European markets.

For patients, each day brings new worries about the effects of cardiovascular disease, not only on their own lives but also on those of their families and loved ones. Therefore, we have made it our mission to develop innovative treatments for those at risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke or other serious cardiovascular events. In the UK, the time has come for a systematic change in how this disease is treated, and at Amarin, we have an opportunity to do things differently and be part of the solution.

In today’s life science industry, changing the CVD treatment paradigm is not an easy task. However, we are passionate about improving the lives of patients. There are thousands of people – now and in the future – relying on us to get this right, and we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to do just that.

May 2022



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