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NGX is The World’s First Genetically Personalised Meal-Shake. Its purpose? To make it easy for you to follow a personalised diet, so you can lead a fitter, healthier and happier life.

We all know our genetic make-up defines our uniqueness in every aspect of us. Our bodies are totally unique, and so are our nutrition needs.

Cutting-edge scientific research has worked to uncover the link between our genes and our individual best diet. NGX packs this science up into a simple, one-off DNA Nutrition Test that is delivered to your home.

After a quick cheek swab, you’ll receive an in-depth, 30-page Personal Nutrition Report. This provides all the guidance needed to make key diet changes for transforming your health, happiness and fitness goals. You’ll be eligible for a FREE consultation with a registered nutritionist and have the option of purchasing NGX BodyFuel – The World’s First Genetically Personalised Meal-Shake.

With BodyFuel, our scientists and nutritionists got together to make personalised nutrition simple. Using your DNA, we look at your personal daily requirement for 30 essential nutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals) to create your personalised shake.

We carefully select only the finest, all-natural ingredients with the highest nutritional values. Each serving is packed with over 22g of filling plant protein, complete with your vitamin and mineral needs and is free from sugar and major allergens. And at less than 140 calories per serving, it’s lean – making it perfect for replacing breakfast, lunch or snacks, depending on your goal.

It’s healthy. It’s flexible. It’s tasty. It’s got you covered. All this from under £2 per meal with this NPA coupon code: NPA15.

We take care of the science so you can focus on what matters. Living your fullest, happiest and healthiest life.

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What the press and our customers have to say:

“Truly a game-changer”, Vogue UK

“​​The BEST Nutritional supplement I have ever come across…I feel fantastic, I have recommended this product to my friends, family and clients.” Jana, Staffordshire, Beautician


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