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CleanCo is the no.1 independent non-alcoholic spirits brand in the world, founded by entrepreneur and tv personality Spencer Matthews.

The, delicious, sugar free, award-winning alternatives range has been inspired by classic Gin, Rhubarb Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka and Whiskey. To use all you need to do is simply swap full strength spirits with CleanCo Spirits to make your drinks hangover free.


Clean G: perfect for a G&T

Clean G Rhubarb: perfect for a Rhubarb G&T

Clean R: perfect for a Mojito

Clean W: perfect for an Old Fashioned

Clean T: perfect for a Margarita

Clean V: perfect for a Moscow Mule


At CleanCo, we make your experiences immeasurably better, whatever your measure. We are all about moderation and drinking clean in between without compromising on the taste.


We delight in the night and welcome the day. Mixing both worlds for a life lived to the full. Some say less is more, but we’re all about doing more with less. Less of the hangover, more of the fun. #ToastToTomorrow


What our customers say:

“CleanCo really helped me cut my alcohol consumption down massively whilst maintaining the ritual of having a drink”

“Tastes just like the real thing! Never looking back”- Laura

“The gin from CleanCo was fresh, tasted good and was the nicest approximation to real thing I have found”- AM

“I cannot tell the difference between both the real alcoholic and the non-alcoholic ones! I’d recommend them to anyone!”- Emma


9,300+ reviews on Trustpilot 4.5/5


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