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Human Food is made using only superior quality, organic fruit, nuts, seeds and plant extracts, developed for your health, vitality and nutritional peace-of-mind.

Just one bar provides over half your daily requirements of 12 essential micronutrients inc. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Iodine, Omega 3 and 100% RI of Vitamin B12

“I have MORE ENERGY now than I had in my 20s. Not to mention my 30s or 40s! Thanks Human Food.” Philip Bryden, Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

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Proper nutrition is essential for your well being and for your long-term health, helping to:

Control body weight Maintain vitality Promote mental health Protect against heart disease and cancers

But finding time to prepare superfood meals isn’t easy. 100% Organic, Human Food bars make a nutritionally-complete diet easy.

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I haven’t heard of anything as nutritionally dense and as unique. I’ve searched for a bar like this since going plant-based. Dr Hamed Kamali, Practicing physician / certified in plant-based nutrition

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