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Why prescribe a calcium and vitamin D supplement?

  • Calcium and vitamin D are essential nutrients in the prevention and management of osteoporosis and optimise the effects of other treatments.1
  • Osteoporosis can have a devastating impact on mobility, independence, quality of life and mortality2

The Adcal-D3® range:

  • The UK’s largest choice of calcium and vitamin D preparations3,4
    • Adcal-D3 Caplets: Film coated swallowable tablets
    • Adcal-D3 Chewable: Tutti Frutti flavoured chewable tablets
    • Adcal-D3 Lemon Chewable: Lemon flavoured chewable tablets
    • Adcal-D3 Dissolve: Lemon flavoured effervescent tablets
  • Calendar packaging for the entire range, with the aim of improving adherence by allowing patients to keep track of when they have taken their Adcal-D3
  • A recommended daily dose of 1,200mg calcium and 800 IU vitamin D3, which is clinically proven to reduce fractures5,6
  • Adcal-D3 Caplets – film coated7 for ease of swallowing
    • The smallest high dose calcium and vitamin D3 tablet available7,8
    • Gelatin and soya* free formulation7
    • Halal and Kosher certified9,10
  • Adcal-D3 Chewable, Adcal-D3 Lemon Chewable and Adcal-D3 Caplets have all been stability tested for 28 days in compliance aids.11

*Cannot guarantee complete absence of nuts or soya

Date of preparation: September 2020. KKI/UK/M001/0041

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