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Personalised, immersive, fun and for everyone in the family.

VAHA is the interactive fitness mirror that transforms your workouts — from the comfort of home.

It’s like having a PT at your fingertips

World-class personal trainers create for you a customised plan of immersive workouts with motion tracking. You’ll also get real-time AI feedback, shout-outs and guidance, and your plan evolves as you progress. Just show up and at the touch of a button, VAHA sets your workout out for you.

It has (almost) every type of workout

We combine more progressive, more motivating and more fun classes with yoga and meditation, all for less than the cost of a single PT session. Access over 1,000 live and on-demand classes, covering more than 10 different fitness genres. From HIIT and strength training to yoga and meditation, and everything in between. For you, your family or your friends — five profiles are included with the monthly membership.

Tap into people power

Sweat and smile alongside a global community of thousands who support, challenge and motivate each other. From live classes to the VAHA members Facebook group, all that positivity will simply make you want to work out. For you, your family or your friends — five profiles are included in the membership.

And it’s more than just your new fitness companion

It’s often mistaken as a sleek, minimal and quietly luxurious full-length mirror. But it also has a large screen and powerful speakers. Plus, enjoy your favourite apps such as Spotify, TikTok, Instagram and Zoom. There are two sizes:

VAHA X has a 43” full HD screen and huge sound, while VAHA S is more compact, lightweight and wall mountable. Whichever you choose for your home, it’ll take up next to no room.

There’s a FREE 30-day trial plus up to £199 off

If you decide VAHA’s not for you within 30 days, we’ll refund you every penny you’ve paid. We’ll even come and collect it for – you guessed it – free. And if you’re not 100% satisfied, your membership fee will be waived, too. No questions asked. Exclusive to NPA readers, we’re also offering up to £199 off (details below).

Get your VAHA fitness mirror and enjoy a 30-day free trial when you purchase today. Use promo code VAHANPA for £200 off the VAHA fitness mirror. Codes expire 31/12/22.


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