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Managing incontinence can seem like an uphill struggle, especially when many people are still embarrassed to talk about it. However, we here at MoliCare® have been working to change that since our humble beginnings just over 40 years ago. Here we will share guidance and top tips to manage bladder weakness and incontinence.

Dietary Changes. Some foods and drinks can irritate the bladder and bowel, worsening symptoms of incontinence. These include:

    • Caffeine
    • Alcohol
    • Acidic fruits & fruit juices, such as grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange
    • Tomato-based foods
    • Chocolate
    • Fizzy drinks
    • Spicy foods
  • Although cutting certain drinks and foods out of your diet can help you manage incontinence, you must stay hydrated. Not drinking enough water can cause more concentrated urine, which can make symptoms worse.
  • Pelvic floor exercises are one of the most beneficial things you can do if you have bladder weakness.
  • As well as working on exercising your pelvic floor, keeping your whole body active through regular physical activity can help manage incontinence symptoms.
  • Find The Right Incontinence Products For You. At MoliCare® we use the SAS model for a simple and reliable method of selecting the right pad. SAS stands for Style . Absorbency . Size.

Style There are various styles to suit various levels of mobility. There are also products for men and women.

Absorbency MoliCare®’s droplet guide, makes selection straightforward. The higher the droplet, the higher level of leakage the product will absorb.

Size MoliCare®’s in-depth sizing guide helps find a comfortable and secure fit. A hip and waist measurement are extremely important for this.

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