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Mindler is an online therapy app that provides access to quick, effective treatment with psychologists. Before booking, patients can browse through the app or website to see the psychologists’ pictures and bios outlining their specialities, to help them choose the right psychologist for them.

Mindler uses a treatment model called ‘blended treatment’, which is the combination of 25-minute video call sessions with psychologists and self-help iCBT programmes, which are available on the app. The self-help iCBT programmes serve as a way for patients to continue their treatment outside of sessions.

Starting therapy can be difficult, and patients may have questions before their first session.

Here are some answers to common questions Mindler’s psychologists get asked by patients when starting therapy:

What will happen in your first appointment?

Your first appointment is the start of the assessment. You and your psychologist get to know each other and talk about what you’d like to address in therapy. You work together to find the best course of action for you.

Do I need to prepare anything ahead of my appointment?

No need to prepare anything ahead of your appointment, but you may find it helpful to sit down and reflect and gather your thoughts ahead of time.

When can I book a follow-up appointment?

You can book a follow-up appointment as soon as the next day after you’ve had an appointment. Your psychologist can also help you book this in.

What if I don’t click with my psychologist?

If you don’t feel like the first psychologist you speak to is the one, no need to worry! You have the freedom to change psychologist at any point. You can change psychologists up to three times throughout your time in Mindler, if you feel you need to.


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