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We have a programme for everybody—and for every goal.

The journey to weight health isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we have different solutions available to help you on the path to better weight health—all rooted in our deep and respected heritage in behaviour change.

  • NEW GLP-1 Programme
    A programme to help you feel your best while losing weight and taking GLP-1 medications. You’ll focus on hitting the nutritional targets that people taking GLP-1s need most: hydration, protein, and fruits and vegetables. Along with food and lifestyle guidance built for your body’s unique needs, you’ll also get an incredible supportive community that understands exactly what you’re going through.
  • Diabetes Programme
    Learn the lifestyle behaviours that will help you live better with diabetes. This programme is backed by trusted expert guidelines from the International Diabetes Federation and the American Diabetes Association and is proven to help you lose weight, which can lower blood sugar.
  • Points Programme
    Our tried-and-tested system takes the guesswork out of knowing what to eat. You’ll work on staying within a Points® Budget, which teaches you how to build weight loss into your everyday life and change your relationship with food. You’ll reach your goals and eat the foods you love.
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