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Obtaining a medical referral can be a frustrating process. Seeing your GP, waiting for a referral letter and the appointment, as well as ensuring you have right specialist for you… the list seems endless. Even before visiting your primary care practitioner, you might have thought: “The waiting lists are too long. I’ll just soldier on and get better soon”.  You could be waiting for months or years to resolve your most important asset: your health.

Here’s the thing; a GP referral isn’t actually necessary. Maybe you know the type of specialist you need, or are struggling with symptoms. If you want to bypass it and remove yourself from a long waiting list, allowing others the opportunity to be seen quicker, you 100 per cent can with Top Doctors.

Take control of your medical needs

There are leading, carefully-selected Top Doctors specialists – who don’t require insurance – available at your convenience via our easy-to-use home page. By simply searching ‘‘Orthopaedic surgery’ in London without medical insurance‘, for example, you’ll find almost 100 leading experts that can assist.

This is where you can take control of selecting a good doctor, or the best one for your case. Does it fit your budget? Does the availability of the specialist match your lifestyle? Is it close to where you live or work? No problem.

Begin your search by entering the specialty you require in your local area and we’ll pinpoint the experts who can help from our directory of thousands of respected doctors. Here you’ll see appointment prices, schedules and the main clinic address alongside their picture, name and specialities.

Your priorities are our priorities

Furthermore, two other essential considerations many prospective patients have are: ‘Is this doctor any good?’ and the ever-important: ‘Are they nice?’. Top Doctors screening system, the world’s strictest medical assessment process, ensures both.

Only one in five doctors pass the steps required of them before being invited to join our medical team:

Step 1: Peer-to-peer nominations

We regularly ask our members to nominate specialists who they would go to in times of ill health.

Step 2: A thorough audit of their medical career

The independent consultancy Adecco Medical & Life Science audits each doctor’s career path to guarantee they are a leading specialist, with over 10 selection criteria to take into account.

Step 3: Approval by a panel of clinical leaders

A panel of Top Doctors Clinical Leaders, made up of renowned international doctors, ensures that our selection process standards remain high.

Step 4: Face-to-face interview with the specialist

The assessment of the doctor is completed with a face-to-face interview at their clinic.

Step 5: All our patient reviews are real

You can also be assured that all of our patient reviews, which you can read via the doctors’ profile, are real. They provide genuine feedback on the doctor’s bedside manner.

Getting the most out of our doctors

Additionally, you can access an in-depth summary of our doctors’ professional history on their full profiles. You can also read informative articles written by them and even watch videos of them, so you know exactly what they can offer you before committing to a consultation.

Appointments are tailored to your needs, too. You can choose how your consultation takes place; either face-to-face or via our new e-Consultation service, and the way you book, which is either by phone call or completing a convenient, step-by-step online form.

Knowing there are medical professionals with leading, effective authority out there with so many referral hurdles in the way doesn’t have to be the case. Becoming a Top Doctor is hard. Connecting to one is easy.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get the medical service you deserve, right away.