Trade for prosperity

Since 2016 Suntribe has been in the forefront of sunscreen development with their no-nonsense approach to formulations and appealingly simple messaging. From the very start their messages have been clear (and usually pretty funny!) – Sunscreen doesn’t need to be complicated, and it certainly doesn’t need to be dangerous.

Suntribe was founded in Sweden 2016 and has since then made sunscreen under their worry-free banner.

Starting with products for surfing, the brand quickly realized that the worry-free concept was appreciated among more people than just the surfers. This led to an expansion of the brand and the start of making sunscreens for a wider audience and use.

The brand collected several awards in 2022 – among others as the best independent Sunscreen brand, awarded by the beauty shortlist, which helped set the stage for its expansions into the pharmacies in Europe.

In 2023 Suntribe’s Kids sunscreen was named by the Independent as the best mineral sunscreen of the year.

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