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The sweet treat, with none of the guilt

If you, like so many of us, are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle this year but are finding it difficult to resist a sweet treat after a meal, around the office or when out and about, then Werther’s Original have the perfect range of products for you.

Werther’s Original Sugar Free is a selection of sweets that are so deliciously smooth and creamy that you won’t believe they are sugar free.  Made with real butter and fresh cream, they deliver long lasting flavour with less than 20 calories per sweet.  This means that you can satisfy your cravings throughout the day and treat yourself to a little piece of pure indulgence without having to worry about your waistline. 

Made with the care, expertise and know-how passed down through generations, the Sugar Free range comes in three different varieties. The Werther’s Original Sugar Free Butter Candies are hard candies which offer an irresistible rich caramel flavour. For those who can’t resist chocolate flavours, look no further than the Werther’s Original Sugar Free Chocolate Flavour Butter Candies, and if you prefer a softer, chewier sweet, then the Werther’s Original Sugar Free Creamy Toffee is ideal for you.

Available in a small box pack or bag the Werther’s Original Sugar Free range really does have something for everyone and every occasion.  Enjoy the smooth, comforting and rich taste as part of a balanced diet, without the guilt.

Pick up your little piece of warmth instore today. Ask in store for your Werther’s Original Sugar Free range.

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Werther’s Original Sugar Free is approved to appear in NPA’s Your Health Your Pharmacy initiative.