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At Serious, we realise that we all want to get back to our lives, in spite of air pollution and a pandemic which is largely transmitted through the air.

We believe that nobody should have to breathe dangerous air indoors. We get that you want to be able to relax again and get on with life without the fear that your air might be harming you. This is why at the heart of our own Serious Healthy Air Purifiers lies a unique, patented, game-changing pollution-erasing technology newly developed by scientists in Oxford.

How to choose an air purifier

It is important to understand what is under the bonnet. Most will involve a mechanical high- efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to trap dust, pollen, bacteria, and airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger. It is how well they deal with the smaller, harder-to-eradicate contaminants, like tiny viruses, which sets them apart.

  1. Does it eradicate NOx and SOx?

Few air purifiers can properly eradicate these life-threatening gases.

  1. Is it fit for your space?

How large a space will it keep clean? Look for the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), which measures the amount of clean air the machine will provide per minute. If it is cheap, the CADR will likely be low. Different pollutants will be cleaned at different rates.

  1. Does it promote dead air spots?

The air in a room needs to be moved around with a degree of force to avoid continually recleaning the same pockets of air. This requires a powerful fan.

  1. Does it eradicate viruses?

Destroying pollutants such as viruses requires a killing agent. Our unique patented D-Orbital Nano Oxide (DNO) catalysts do this without generating secondary pollution.

With the HealthyAir 500 ™ Home Air Purifier you can stop worrying about the hidden silent threats floating in the air. Instead, you can relax again and get back to feeling safe.