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Foot health is directly linked to overall health and wellbeing; keeping them in good condition and pain free, ensures we can continue to do the things we love.

We run, walk, play, jump and use our feet a lot. Despite this, Scholl research shows that 81% of the population experience one or more problems with their feet, yet only a third treat. Reasons for this range from affordability to feeling too embarrassed to put your feet on show. The feet can also mirror our health and reveal signs of other conditions, such as diabetes, vascular disease, and arthritis. So, we recommend that you check your feet daily and if you are worried about anything ask your pharmacist to help.

Scholl’s Global Medical Expert, Dr Jo McCardle will help you recognise and treat some of the most common foot problems.

Athletes Foot

  • Caused by fungal infection
  • Symptoms include burning and itching
  • Can cause red, painful and flaky areas on the feet
  • Often found between the toes or the edge of the foot


Scholl Athlete’s Foot Spray Liquid

  • Helps destroy Athlete’s Foot Fungi
  • Prevents reinfection
  • Relieves itching & soreness

Scholl Athlete’s Foot Cream

  • Contains Antifungal agent 1% terbinafine
  • Effective treatment for foot fungi
  • Soothes itching

Fungal nail

  • Caused by fungal infection
  • Symptoms include thickened, discoloured, crumbling nail
  • Can effect single or multiple nails


Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment Kit

Kills nail fungus and contains 5% Amorolfine

Verrucas are caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

  • They appear on the foot as small lumps on the skin, with a ‘cauliflower’ like appearance.
  • They are highly contagious and often seen on children


Scholl Wart & Verruca Pen

  • Starts to work in 40 secs
  • Effectively removes verruca in as little as one application

Scholl have 100 years expertise in foot health. We are committed to supporting you to recognise any problems with your feet and our range of foot care products can help keep your feet looking and feeling great. How is that for a step in the right direction?