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Up to 1 in 3 men struggle with erection problems. Max Kersting was one of them. Pills, injections and even surgery did not work for him. After years of failed attempts to manage his dysfunction, he was able to overcome his problem with a holistic program. Inspired by his success, he has built Regimen together with his old doctor Prof. Beecken and specialists from around the world.

While erection tablets can help some men in the moment, they don’t improve the underlying issues, with potentially dramatic consequences. “ED often coexists with ischaemic heart disease” explains Husain Shabeeh, an NHS cardiologist and expert for men’s health. “The good news is: Improving the erection holistically beyond the tablets your GP prescribes automatically reduces the cardiovascular risk”.

That’s what Regimen can help with: It offers a guided course to get started, stay motivated, and tackle and even overcome erection problems, for good. Every day, Regimen offers an agenda including personalized erections, coaching sessions, lifestyle modification, mindfulness, tracking features, and suggests additional support based on a personalization model. Tens of thousands of men from all around the world have tackled their issues with Regimen.

“People ask me if it’s an alternative to ED tablets.” says Prof. Beecken, medical co-founder of Regimen. “It’s not. The best comparison I have is comparing it to the treatments that are available for depression. Doctors prescribe antidepressants for immediate relief. But almost all patients struggling with mental health issues are also advised to start therapy. The same is true for erection problems. Tablets can offer immediate relief. But Regimen can be the long-term support to tackle what’s really causing the issue holistically.”

Regimen offers a free trial and a 20% discount on the first year with the code “YourHealth20”. Start your journey with Regimen’s erection assessment: click