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The benefits of cycling are extensive and extend beyond your physical health; the simple joy of getting on a bike is great for your mental health too. Your post-ride endorphins can help to alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even depression. And the great news is that these benefits also apply when using an electric bike too.

While e-bike prices are undoubtedly more than a regular bike, in the long run they can be the most cost-effective option. Raleigh also offers 0% finance so you can spread the cost and could even work out less than a monthly gym membership.

A common misconception is that you sit there while the bike does the work, however it’s quite the opposite, the motor only works as you pedal and even on the highest assistance setting you’re still exercising. This means that you’re increasing your heart rate and increasing fitness levels. Many people choose to use more assistance while getting back in to cycling then reduce it as fitness levels improve. You’ll also be more likely to take on challenging rides too because you’ll know help is at hand if you need it.

Put simply, an e-bike will help you to go further, faster and/or for longer than you may be able to on a traditional bike. If you’re starting out or just like to get a little fitter, then there are so many benefits to choosing an e-bike. In fact, they can even be a better choice.