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The National Pharmacy Association has released new survey data that shows many more people regard community pharmacies as healthcare settings than retail settings.


The same research shows a high level of awareness that pharmacies offer flu vaccinations, NHS medicines consultations and blood pressure monitoring. Over 90% of adults in England are aware that at least some pharmacies offer each of these services.


Asked to choose from a list of words they might associate with their local community pharmacist:


58% said ‘medicines’; 49% said ‘healthcare’; 44% said ‘minor illnesses’; 39% said ‘caring’

36% said ‘consultations’; 32% said ‘expert’; 30% said ‘retail’


56% of respondents said it would be appropriate to ask at their local pharmacy for help to quit smoking, and 63% would ask for a blood pressure check.


NPA Head of Communications, Stephen Fishwick, said:


“This new data is encouraging, as it shows a significant level of public awareness and acceptance of community pharmacy based clinical services, and a recognition that community pharmacists are healthcare professionals, not retailers.


“However, there still a long way to go until there is universal understanding of the skills and services available in pharmacies. We need to keep promoting the convenient clinical care on offer in community pharmacies across the UK”.


The survey of 1680 adults in England was carried out by Research Without Barriers from 20-23 October 2023.