Trade for prosperity

Memoria was incorporated in 2003 by three directors with over 100 years collective experience in the funeral sector. The Chief Executive Officer, the award-winning entrepreneur and funeral director, Howard Hodgson, has been renowned as the UK’s most innovative provider of funeral and related services for over 40 years.

Therefore, unsurprisingly, Memoria has developed, over the last twenty years, into a company with an excellent reputation for quality standards of service and facility, while supplying a diverse choice of high-quality products and all at affordable prices.

There is Memoria Estate Planning (providing wills, power of attorney plans, equity release and other 3rd age products); Memoria Life & Funeral Plans (providing whole of life and funeral plan products); Memoria Funerals (providing diverse fixed price funeral packages designed to suit every budget from direct cremations to celebration of life services and traditional funerals – and soon to provide new state of the art Celebration of Life Centres in major UK cities – complete with service chapels, restaurants and function rooms); Memoria Cremations & Burials (which has become the leading crematorium operator in the UK today and has 14 crematoria and memorial parks across the UK); and Memoria Online Retail (providing a wide range of condolence and home memorial products to the wider public).

Today, All 5 divisions cover all of mainland Britain.

With an unrivalled understanding of the funeral industry, we have long known the challenges that families face at a time of bereavement and set ourselves the task of making funerals personal, high quality, innovative and affordable enough to be within the reach of every person in the UK.

Along our journey we have become a by-word for excellence and have challenged the traditional approach (and higher cost) in which funerals have been delivered.

Our Mission Statement

Memoria has a mission to provide exceptional standards of service, facility and products to the bereaved families that use its funeral directing services, crematoria, financial & legal services, or online retail store. This is because it is not only commercially sensible to do so but also because it is an essential act of human decency towards people who have just lost a much-loved member of their family or friend. Bereavement is the price we must all pay for the joy of loving and being loved. The loss of a loved one is the most stressful, unhappy, and traumatic experience that we will face in life. We at Memoria realise that we are unable to eradicate such pain, but we also know it is our responsibility and duty to be as efficient, kind, respectful and polite as humanly possible to our clients at their time of grief, and thereafter when they need to conclude estate matters for their cherished relatives or friends. Therefore, it is our aim to provide immaculately clean and tidy facilities in tranquil and beautiful surroundings attended by people who are sincerely dedicated to our mission, and who take a great pride in their work as a result.

Memoria Estate Planning

The Memoria Estate Planning Division is our later life financial services company that offers estate planning services, including equity release, will writing, trusts, lasting power of attorney, and probate. Our experienced team of estate planning professionals works with families to create personalised plans that meet their needs and ensure that their assets are protected. We understand the importance of estate planning and the peace of mind it can bring, and we strive to provide affordable and accessible later life planning services to all as a result.

Tel: 0800 007 3757

Memoria Life and Funeral Plans

The Memoria Life & Funeral Plans Division offers funeral plans that allow individuals to plan and pay for their funeral in advance. This can help alleviate the financial burden placed on their loved ones and ensure that their wishes are met. Our funeral plans come with a range of options to suit different budgets and preferences from direct cremation and celebration of life services to traditional funerals. We are regulated by the FCA, and all funds are held by regulated Life Assurance companies

Tel: 0800 007 3580

Memoria Funerals

The Memoria Funeral Division knows that everyone deserves a dignified and respectful funeral service, regardless of their financial situation. That’s why we offer a range of affordable funeral services, including direct cremations, celebration of life services and traditional funerals – which can be bespoke as well as purchased as a fixed price package. Our experienced team of funeral directors is available 24/7 to provide support and guidance throughout the entire process. Moreover, our new Celebration of Life Centres, which will be built in every major UK city, will see a ‘one-stop funeral venue’ providing funeral directing services, viewing and service chapels, restaurants, florists, and licensed bars for wake facilities as well as access to all of our useful later life services such as funeral plans and estate planning. In addition, these centres will also serve as a community facility that families can utilise throughout their life holding celebration events such as birthdays, weddings, christenings, and anniversaries.

Tel: 0800 862 0150

Memoria Cremation and Burial

The Memoria Cremation and Burial Division offers unrivalled standards of service and state of the art facilities at 14 locations across the UK – where I hour time slots are standard and every site has music, pictorial and lighting facilities so that families can completely personalise a service to reflect the life of any family member.

Tel: 01869 278 780

Memoria Online Funeral Store

The Memoria Online Funeral Store offers a wide range of condolence products as well as memorial keepsakes. Families can re-act to friends’ bereavements or can purchase memorial products themselves. Our wide range includes cards, flowers, candles, jewellery, urns, caskets, and other funeral-related items, including many eco-friendly options.

Tel : 0800 862 0150