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What is the safest sleeping position for your baby to sleep? The safest sleeping position for a baby is on their back, so always place the baby on their back to sleep at night and for all daytime naps (unless a medical professional has advised you of a medical reason not to do so). What space should your baby sleep in? Always place the baby in a clear, flat sleep space. Ideally, a firm, fl at, wa terproof mattress with no raised or cushioned area is recommended.

Other Important Advice

• Place baby in the ‘Feet-to-foot’ position (feet at the foot of the cot) with blankets tucked under their arms. Alternatively, place them in a correct-sized sleeping bag. • Ensure the baby is at the correct temperature for the time of year; a temperature display in the room is always recommended.

• Never put baby to sleep on a pillow, cushion, beanbag or waterbed.
• Never sleep with the baby on a sofa or armchair. This is one of the most high-risk situations.
• Keep your home a smoke free space.

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Angelcare AC25-1 Baby Movement Monitor with Video & Sound Baby monitors offer so much more than just listening to your baby whilst they sleep. Technology such as our innovative Angelcare Sensor Pad offers additional peace of mind and reassurance for all daytime naps and nighttime sleep routines. The first Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor was created over 25 years ago, and In that time, thousands of parents and babies have benefited from the clever Sensor Pad technology.

• The contact-free sensor pad monitors every movement from every corner of the mattress, only alarming if no movements have been detected for 20 seconds.
• A Wi-Fi connection is not required, so secure monitoring is maintained, and you can monitor your little one anywhere, anytime.
• Simple and easy installation, just fit the sensor pad once ready for use, and the nursery unit can be installed on a wall or flat surface with the tabletop stand.

It is important to be close to your baby for as much time as possible – A monitor is not a substitute for parental attention.

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