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Has your body adjusted to the longer days? While many people love the extra daylight that comes with this time of year, it can throw off your sleep cycle. Here are a few simple tips to help promote a good night’s rest and to feel less drowsy during the day:

1. Spend more time outside. Natural daylight is a key factor in our circadian rhythm. When we spend time outside during the day, it helps our body to produce melatonin at night – the sleep-promoting hormone that plays a key role in a good night’s sleep.

2. Cut the bedtime snack. This tip may not sound fun, but avoiding that last snack of the day helps your body focus on sleeping instead of working hard on digestion. Researchers suggest eating your last meal or snack 3 hours before bedtime.

3. Dim the lights. Light exposure at night can negatively affect transitions between sleep cycles, reducing your overall sleep quality. Use minimal lighting when preparing for bed by dimming the lights or reducing the number of lights used.

4. Increase your magnesium intake. Your body requires magnesium for up to 80% of its functions — and sleep is one. Magnesium plays a big role in stress relief and aids in the relaxation of muscles, helping to promote a good night’s rest. Studies show the vast majority of people are at risk for magnesium deficiency, so if you are having trouble sleeping, a quality magnesium supplement may be right for you.

Magnesium for Sleep

Supplementing with magnesium may help you fall asleep faster and have longer, more satisfying sleep.

One study of note found that participants who took food supplements containing magnesium had significantly better sleep scores than the placebo group. They also exhibited considerable improvements in ease of falling asleep, quality of sleep, and alertness the following morning.

Magnesium also plays a significant role in normal muscle function, including muscle relaxation — one more reason it may be so beneficial as a sleep aid.

While you should be able to get adequate magnesium from a balanced and varied diet, modern farming practices and food-processing have made it difficult to obtain the recommended daily amount of magnesium. A high-quality magnesium supplement can help to fill in dietary gaps.

Not all magnesium supplements offer the same benefit.

PrizMAG Pure Magnesium Bisglycinate is one of the only magnesium supplements on the market that is completely free of fillers, binders, stearates and magnesium oxide, so you can rest assured you are only getting a pure, quality supplement that is formulated for optimal absorption.

There are two key reasons PrizMAG Pure Magnesium Bisglycinate is award-winning as a sleep aid:

In addition to magnesium’s role in quality sleep, glycine is shown to promote sound sleep and reduce drowsiness during the day. The two nutrients are combined into Magnesium Bisglycinate in PrizMAG, creating a dynamic powerhouse that promotes quality sleep.

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