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Silk’n has revolutionized at-home beauty tools since 2006 by offering safe, convenient, and affordable solutions.

Silk’n was the pioneer in IPL for home use and has been innovating ever since. Their newest innovation on IPL is the revolutionary Silk’n 7. With the Silk’n 7 you can remove unwanted hair in hard-to-reach areas thanks to the flexible, rotating head that can be used at six different angles. Its three attachments enable use on any desired area, be it the face or body. The device is suitable for all skin tones and hair colors, providing up to 92% hair reduction after 6 IPL sessions*.

Besides their IPL devices Silk’n offers a wide range of beauty devices, constantly improving their technology to enhance user experience.

Skin improvement

When it comes to facial care, Silk’n is at the forefront of delivering ground-breaking products designed to enhance your skin care routine. From LED masks to anti-ageing devices and electric facial brushes, Silk’n offers a wide range of innovative tools.

Elevate your hair styling experience

Silk’n combines advanced technology with thoughtful design to create hair tools that elevate your styling experience. From ergonomic hair straighteners that effortlessly glide through your hair with minimised heat damage, to hair dryers that are equipped with cutting-edge features for quick and efficient drying, our products redefine convenience and performance.

A healthier smile

Silk’n introduces innovative dental care products, designed to transform your oral hygiene routine. Our advanced electric toothbrushes utilise high-frequency sonic vibrations for thorough cleaning and improved gum health. With customisable brushing modes and timers, Silk’n toothbrushes cater to your specific needs, ensuring a personalised dental care experience.

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*On light skin with dark hair.