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Here at Harvey Water Softeners, we’re passionate about bringing the highest-quality soft water to UK homes. We pride ourselves on our fantastic customer service, and from the first phone call, right through to our after care, we will ensure you are kept well-informed and looked after by our friendly Harvey team.

Our revolutionary water softeners are industry leaders across the UK and Europe and have been designed with the utmost thought and detail to ensure we are providing you with the best and most efficient water softening technology to make your life and home even softer!

As well as being soft on skin and hair, our water softeners work tirelessly to eliminate limescale from your home. If you constantly struggle to remove limescale from your appliances, countertops, or dishware, then look no further than Harvey’s…

Our best-selling HarveyArc Water Softener is the smarter way to get softened water flowing through your home, removing limescale once and for all. Combining market-leading, state-of-the-art water softening technology with a Wi-Fi-enabled i-Lid, the HarveyArc integrates seamlessly with our dedicated myHarvey app for automatic monitoring of your salt levels. It sends regular reminders straight to your phone, so you never have to manually check your salt levels again! Plus, you can re-order your salt directly from the app, ensuring your soft water journey is hassle-free.

In addition to cutting-edge technology, we’ve also designed Mini Curve Salt Blocks specifically for use with our HarveyArc. Our latest softener uses these lighter and more compact salt blocks, so you no longer need extra storage in your home, nor do you have to carry enormous bags of salt each time you need to refill your softener. Compact and chemical-free, our Mini Curve Salt Blocks are guaranteed to make your soft water experience even more wonderful!

So, what are you waiting for? Book a demo with us today to start experiencing the benefits of soft water!