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Füm has innovated a flavoured air device as an alternative to smoking and vaping. Füm aims to empower individuals to create good habits by offering an alternative that addresses the physical and behavioural aspects of smoking and vaping. Unlike traditional alternatives and tools that focus on nicotine replacement, Füm offers a behavioural approach that establishes positive habits free from addictive properties.

Füm’s innovative and bold approach is evident in its flavoured air device, which replaces the hand-to-mouth habit, offers a flavourful experience, and provides ways to fidget. The Füm device is free from nicotine, vapour, and tobacco, and offers an attractive and natural alternative to vaping.

The Füm device is easy to switch to with a tactile habit replacement that also offers flavour. To use the device, you simply click in the Cores, which are infused with natural plant extracts, and breathe through the mouthpiece, exhaling clean air slowly. The adjustable airflow allows you to set the drag according to your preference, and tactile clicks indicate the position easily. The sliding, magnetic closure makes it satisfying and simple to click in your Cores.

Füm‘s flavoured air device is designed to be simple to use and built to last. The device is made from food-grade stainless steel and high-end maple, creating a timeless look that complements everyone’s lifestyle. The device comes with a variety of natural plant extract flavours, called Cores, such as Crisp Mint, Maple Pepper, Orange Vanilla, Raspberry Lemon, Sparkling Grapefruit, and White Cranberry.

For those on the journey to find a compelling alternative to vaping or smoking, Füm‘s flavoured air device is a game-changer. It offers everything you need in one simple pack and provides a natural, attractive, and practical solution to ditch your negative habits.

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