Trade for prosperity

Financial stress takes a toll on your mental wellbeing. In the UK, over 3 million adults in the UK grapple with both mental health problems and financial issues, which can create a vicious cycle.

Financial confidence matters

45% of adults in Britain lack confidence in managing their finances, fuelling the debt and mental health cycle. This lack of confidence leads to more debt, impacts on mental health, and makes existing problems even worse.

The cost of living crisis hasn’t helped, as soaring expenses and rising interest rates force many to rely on credit for basic needs, leading to long-term issues.

Taking the first step

Facing this challenge is daunting, but seeking advice is crucial. Talking to friends, pharmacists, or doctors can provide initial relief, while consulting a professional debt advice provider can address the root causes, improving your financial and mental wellbeing.

Get expert debt advice

The Creditfix Group, which includes debt advice and personal insolvency companies UK Debt Expert and Carrington Dean, provides advice around personal finances and mental health.

As organisations authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, with over 70 years of combined experience, UK Debt Expert and Carrington Dean offer reliable advice and practical solutions to help people deal with their unsecured debt.

UK Debt Expert through the Creditfix Group has helped over 185,000 people in England and Wales break the cycle of debt and mental health, while Carrington Dean has helped over 35,000 Scots regain financial control.

Start the conversation

If you need help addressing problem debt, we can help. For people based in England or Wales, visit UK Debt Expert or explore our reviews on Trustpilot.

For debt help in Scotland, visit Carrington Dean or check out our reviews here. A simple conversation could be the beginning of your journey towards financial stability.