Trade for prosperity

Your money has power – so deciding who to bank with is an important decision.

In Britain, 70% of people don’t know where their bank invests their money,* so they could be inadvertently funding unethical labour practices, logging in the Amazon, or the production of fossil fuels.

But, unlike a lot of banks, we understand the power your money has.

Our values and ethics underpin how we run our business and have done since we were established as part of the co-operative movement in 1872.

In 1992 we took a pioneering step. We became the first UK bank to have a customer-led Ethical Policy. One that gives our customers a say in how their money is used. And it’s still unique to this day.

Our customers tell us about the things that matter to them, and then we act on it – whether that means taking action for our planet, our people or our communities.

To date, over 370,000 customer responses have helped guide the things we do. These views, expressed in our unique customer-led Ethical Policy, makes us a different kind of bank.

That’s why we haven’t financed the production or extraction of fossil fuels for over 20 years, and why we won’t do business with organisations that fail to implement basic human rights.

We’re the Bank you can hold you can hold to account.

We’re The Co-operative Bank.


*Research was carried out by Opinium surveying 2,000 UK adults between 20th and 24th May 2022.