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No one sets out to be unhealthy or overweight. It just kind of happens. Life gets busy and suddenly you’re struggling to get up a flight of stairs, your energy is at an all-time low, or you just can’t do life the way you want to.

So, how do you turn things around? Try BODi—the all-in-one app for fitness, nutrition, and mindset that provides the help and motivation you need to make healthy habits simple and sustainable. With over 100 fitness programmes from For Beginners Only to the advanced P90X, plus 2 easy-to-follow eating plans and mindset videos, BODi can help you reach your goals, have more energy, and find a lifestyle you love.

BODi works because it allows you to live your real life. It simplifies your fitness and nutrition options, and includes valuable mindset classes and content to help you get started—and keep going.

Monthly BODi Blocks, 3 weeks of work and 1 week off

BODi Blocks and Super Blocks are workout programmes designed to help you get fit without overtraining, so you can stay consistent and see results.

Stream thousands of workouts plus programmes like INSANITY, 21 Day Fix, and Sure Thing

Choose from 100+ results-proven fitness programmes and thousands of energising workouts with options including HIIT, cardio, barre, yoga, strength training, meditation, dance, and mixed martial arts. You’ll reach your goals and never get bored.

Dig into easy-to-follow eating plans and recipes

Want to ditch the “diet” mindset?

2B Mindset can help you achieve a healthy relationship with food and make reaching your goals a positive experience.

Looking to get your portions under control?

Portion Fix gives you control of your food without counting calories, without deprivation, and you get to eat the foods you love.

Strengthen your mindset and set yourself up for success with meditations and guidance

Mindset master classes with positive psychology performance coach Petra Kolber and a cast of rotating guest speakers.

Track your progress and connect with your community to stay motivated

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