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Accessing quick, accurate results can help you make informed decisions around your health and lifestyle changes. BioSURE tests provide reliable results that are recognised by healthcare professionals.

From testing for diabetes, to checking your thyroid function and cholesterol levels, to specific men’s and women’s health checks, plus many more, the wide range of BioSURE Tests are designed to empower you so you can take a proactive approach to your health, identify potential areas of concern, and manage them with your healthcare provider if necessary.

Whether you have a specific reason to test or have noticed a change in your general wellbeing and want discreet and fast results, self-testing can be a powerful tool to help put your mind at rest. Similarly self-testing is a convenient way to monitor an existing health condition so you can track any changes.

Free two-way delivery is included with every test and the simple process starts with ordering your kit. Scan your unique QR code, collect your finger-prick blood sample and send in the pre-paid packaging to the award-winning laboratory for analysis. You will receive your secure results report directly to your phone or email, usually within 48 hours, which includes detailed explanations and visual representations, so you can easily get to grips with your results.

Self-testing can help you get an early diagnosis, which is key to managing any health condition. It means an increased range of treatment options, improved long-term survival rates and improved quality of life. BioSURE help take the guess work out, by adding science to your personalised health management, so take control and test today, for a healthier you tomorrow.