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Skin Salvation is an effective natural ointment – the perfect alternative for people with dry, itchy or inflammatory skin conditions who haven’t been able to find a gentle emollient to suit their sensitive skin!

What is Balmonds Skin Salvation?

Skin Salvation is a safe, effective, entirely natural emollient made from beeswax and plant oils, formulated to support the skin barrier function. Skin Salvation has thousands of five star reviews from happy customers who’ve found the balm absolutely life-changing. It is regularly prescribed by GPs and has won several awards as a family essential, including a prized gold medal  from the allergy-friendly Free From Awards.

The balm has been dermatologist approved for sensitive skin.

6 key functions of Skin Salvation

1 supports healthy functioning of the skin barrier

2 helps prevent the itch associated with dry skin

3 reduces trans-epidermal water loss

4 protects against the irritant effects of moisture

5 acts as a barrier against external irritants and allergens

6 softens rough or flaky skin

Advantages of going natural

✚ beeswax creates a semi-occlusive protective barrier, allowing skin to breathe

✚ beeswax has low comedogenic properties compared to paraffin

✚ unlike paraffin, beeswax is not dangerously flammable

✚ beeswax acts as a natural humectant, drawing moisture into the skin

✚ natural oils such as hemp contain essential fatty acids to support skin cell regeneration

✚ sustainably produced natural ingredients are kinder to the environment

Who can use Skin Salvation?

Skin Salvation is suitable for all skin types and all ages (from 6 weeks). It’s free from the synthetic scent-maskers, fragrance, emulsifiers and preservatives that some people find irritating, making it a great choice for those prone to eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and those with sensitive skin.

During the pandemic, thousands of NHS healthcare workers nationwide found Skin Salvation invaluable for protecting skin chaffed and sore from PPE and over-washed hands.

98% said Skin Salvation improved the condition of their skin

96% said Skin Salvation helped to relieve itchiness

99% said Skin Salvation did not sting on application

100% would recommend Skin  Salvation to others
*from a survey of over 500 people

Skin Salvation for babies

Skin Salvation can also be used as an emollient under wet wraps, and to protect against the moisture which can cause nappy or dribble rash. Because it’s oil- not water-based, it’s very unlikely to sting when applied, a real advantage for parents of itchy little people who hate having their cream put on.

As well as Skin Salvation, Balmonds makes a range of natural, fragrance-free skincare, from natural oils and creams for hand, body and face, to an extra gentle, soap-free wash.

“Cor loves Balmonds so much that he’s the one to get it out and asks for it on his skin. It’s honestly really helped us so much when his skin has been so sore, dry, and itchy.” Amy Lister

“I am a GP and my hands get so dry from constant washing. This is my saviour!” Dr Emma Stuart

Try Skin Salvation risk-free with Balmonds’ 60-day money-back guarantee!

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