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Since 1974, Specialized has had one goal: Innovate and inspire to improve riders’ lives. So, when we developed our first electric bike in 2009, we knew it had to ride and feel like a great bike first—something we’d really love to ride ourselves. We wanted you to feel like you were on a “regular” bike, but that somehow, you’d grown superhero legs. Our core mission still hasn’t changed for every Turbo e-bike: It’s You, Only Faster.


Electric bikes are often faster in congested areas, cheaper on a cost-per-mile basis, and way more fun than sitting in traffic. Of all the trips taken globally in cars, most are less than 10 miles. Making the switch to two wheels where you can for local trips helps to eliminate your most carbon-intensive car trips.


We’ve learnt that people who ride e-bikes are riding further, and more regularly. They’re getting as much (or more!) exercise as those riding bikes without motors. You may think that’s a little counter intuitive, but if it means more riders, riding more, we’re all for it!

Electric bikes have come a long way, and they can now make even more possible. Whether that’s more laps of your favourite trails, exploring past the next bend in the road, or making it to the top of that hill, our Turbo e-bikes give you the power to ride further, faster.


Taking a motor and battery off the shelf would be easy, but we never compromise by doing the “easy” thing. Specialized develop our tech in e-Bike-obsessed Cham, Switzerland, and we tune the ride at our California headquarters. Our Technology System delivers smooth, powerful, and silent pedal-assistance, as well as maximum range and superior connectivity solutions.


Use the Mission Control App to power up our Turbo e-bikes and discover even more of what our bikes can do for you. Connect via ANT+ and/or Bluetooth® to Mission Control, or your other favourite third-party displays, devices, or apps. You can use the App to manage your battery’s range, record rides, adjust the motor output, and so much more.

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