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There’s nothing quite as quick and simple for lifting the spirits than a damn good barbecue in the garden. There’s more to barbecuing than burnt sausages mind. How about cooked-to-perfection cuts of meat and fish, with crunchy salads and colourful relishes?

Barbecuing food is not only a healthier way to cook, it’s also a great way of bringing even more flavour to your food. Meats cook leaner, seafood comes into its own, and have you ever tried barbecued watermelon? It’s a game changer! Everyone loves a salad or three at a barbecue too, so before you know it, you’ve suddenly got the tastiest and healthiest meal on your plate in weeks.

And it’s easier than you think, when you barbecue the Weber way.


Here are Weber’s top 3 tips on how to get the best results.

  1. 1)  Cook with the lid on to circulate the smoke and create great tasting results.
  2. 2)  Choose a cooking method to suit your food! Whether you’re barbecuing thick cuts and roasts indirect from the flames or quick fillets and sides straight on the heat – choosing the right cooking method helps you control the temperature, so your food is infused with that great BBQ flavour, cooking better and juicier.
  3. 3)  And to make sure it’s really cooked to perfection, always use a thermometer.

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