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Meat the Future

Future Farm is leading the way in plant-based innovation – in taste, health and sustainability.

With the taste of meat, Future Farm’s range boasts products indistinguishable to those of animal origin. Providing the same, or some cases, even better nutritional values, when benchmarked against animal products.

The range includes:

• Future Burger 2030
• Future Mince 2030
• Future Meatball 2030 • Future Chicken 2030 • Future Sausage
• Future Tuna

Future Farm uses a unique and exclu- sive mix of 100% natural extracts, providing additional nutritious benefits, as well as giving it a juicier, meatier taste than ever before. The Future Burger is the first product in the Future Farm range to perfectly emulate rare, medium and well-done cooking styles.

By upgrading its products, Future Farm has also reduced the fat and calorie content per serving and has one of the lowest sodium servings in the plant-based category, globally. The Future Farm 2030 range is the brand’s healthiest yet.

Each of the 2030 product range has been ‘updated’ and developed to fall in line with the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

In its fight for biodiversity and against the destruction of the rainforest, the brand demands high environmental standards from its suppliers, with each needing to be able to state that its produce is both GMO – and deforestation-free.

Marcos Leta, founder and CEO of Future Farm said “As a food company that uses technology, we’re continually reinventing and looking to improve in terms of healthi- ness, taste and sustainability. We know how indispensable these pillars are to consumers, as well as for ourselves.”

The Future Farm range is available from Sainsbury’s, TheVeganKind and indepen- dent stores across the country.

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