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Germs that harm your family can hide all around your home and harsh chemical cleaners can be just as dangerous. With a busy family life, it’s easy to forget all the common touchpoints that can breed bacteria.

We know it’s tough at times, so we’ve made a list of some often-forgotten cleaning spots and the best eco-friendly cleaners to get the job done fast!  Remember not all surfaces look dirty when they need to be cleaned.

Our first five spots are ideal candidates for protecting with the power of steam:

  • Doorknobs & handles
  • Fridge door
  • Rubbish bins
  • Bathroom & kitchen taps
  • The letterbox

Originally used by industries that prioritise the highest standards of sanitation, steam cleaning is now commonly used all around the home too. Embraced for its ability to kill germs and bacteria on kitchen worktops, deodorise carpets and break down grease on cookers, all with one simple natural ingredient… water!

Don’t yet have a steam cleaner?

Independent lab tests show the H2O HD™ Steam Cleaning System kills 99%* of nasties such as Salmonella, E.coli, Influenza & Listeria. An adaptable 5-in-1 configuration allows you to switch from a floor mop to hand-held cleaner in seconds.  Attachments for garments, carpets, windows and dusting, make it suitable for almost any task around the home no matter how big or small.

The newest eco-friendly cleaning solution, electrolysed water, is the perfect way to clean our next five spots:

  • Light switches
  • Mobile phones
  • Computer mice and keyboards
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Remote controls

Electrolysed water is made by adding a small amount of electricity to a mixture of tap water and table salt.  As effective as bleach, but safe around pets and children, electrolysed water saves money on shop bought cleaners, is eco-friendly with no harmful chemicals and is perfect for use everywhere around the home, from kitchen surfaces to bathroom sinks.

 The H2O e3™ Cleaning System is H2O®’s latest innovation, bringing the technology of electrolysed water into your home.  It creates an endless supply of the multi-purpose super sanitiser (electrolysed water) that has been independently lab tested to kill 99.9%** of germs, bacteria & viruses (including E.coli, Salmonella, H1N1 Influenza & Coronavirus).

For over 14 years, H2O® has helped millions keep their family safe with award-winning, lab-proven, water-based cleaning products. H2O® products are designed to be easy to use, multi-functional and reduce chemical & single-use plastic waste.

H2O® has a range of cleaning products perfect for keeping you and your family safe by eliminating germs and bacteria. Visit our website to find more cleaning tips, tricks and how our products can save you time and money.


*Controlled lab tests have shown that when applied for 15 seconds, H2O® steam products can kill 99% of certain germs, bacteria and viruses. Efficacy varies according to treatment time and surface treated.

**Independent lab testing proves that H2O e3™ kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses. Efficacy varies according to treatment time and surface treated.


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