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Award-winning tuition

For 20 years Explore Learning has been delivering award-winning maths and English tuition to 4-14-year-olds.

Whether it’s passing an exam, moving up a set at school or tackling new challenges, our skilled and dedicated tutors will support your child to achieve their goals through a curriculum tailored to their needs. Nobody does tuition quite like us. From our innovative curriculum tools, our vibrant learning centres to our exceptional people. Our tuition is trusted, effective and delivers results.

Our promise to you

  •       We will focus on your child’s individual needs
  •       We will deliver an engaging curriculum with exceptional tutors
  •       We will share your child’s progress and celebrate their achievements as they develop skills and great learning attitudes for life.Exceptional tutors

Without the need to write questions or plan what content to deliver next, our tutors can focus on the areas that most make a difference to your child:

  •       Explaining difficult concepts
  •       Motivating and celebrating your child’s efforts
  •       Instilling great learning habits
  •       Getting the balance of independent and supported learning just right

They are energetic, enthusiastic and talented individuals who do everything they can to make your child’s journey a successful one.

Cutting-edge learning tools to meet your child’s needs

We have developed an adaptive tool that continually assesses what your child knows and presents the skills that they need to know next. No two pathways will be the same. Your child will work at a pace and level that is unique to their needs whilst covering all the material they need for a successful school career.

Book your no-obligation free trial to discuss your needs with a tutor today.



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