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Haemophilia is a rare bleeding disorder where people bleed for longer than usual as they do not have enough clotting factor (one of the substances in the blood). Some symptoms frequently associated with haemophilia include frequent bruising, prolonged nosebleeds and bleeds inside muscles and joints.

Haemophilia is a life-long disease and children who suffer from this condition may face additional challenges than their peers such as a need for ongoing preventative treatment. The Haemo Heroes app was developed and funded by Pfizer Ltd to support young people with haemophilia and help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

In the game, the user takes care of a ‘hero’ by making healthy choices, using protective equipment and ensuring their avatar takes their medication regularly to avoid bleeding.

The app includes a selection of rooms with different everyday activities for the avatar to do, which include cooking, exercising and brushing their teeth. By engaging in these scenarios, the user learns more about their condition and aspects of their daily routine, such as healthy eating, appropriate exercise, and oral hygiene.


The Haemo Heroes app is available to download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play


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PP-RDP-GBR-1004. November 2021


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