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Studies show that keeping your brain active and curious can lead to its strengthening and helps you to process information more efficiently. Research that found 71% of people use reading to keep their brains active.

Whether you like to start the day with a local newspaper and coffee, relax reading your favourite magazine, or even working out a tricky sudoku, there are plenty of ways to keep the cogs moving.

Readly’s purpose is to bring inspiration and insight into people’s daily lives and unlock meaningful moments of relaxation

How do we do that?

  • Reading is made easy and intuitive with Readly, with our app where you can read as much as you want for one fixed price in one place. Whether you are at home or travelling, you will never miss your favourites
  • On top of the benefit of reading, you gain access to a diverse portfolio where you can find information about health and wellness topics, as well as all other categories you can think of – from news, gossip, cars, to gardening, fashion, travel and more

What Readly’s customers are saying:
“Absolutely fantastic and amazing value for money. There is a huge choice of titles”

“I’ve been using Readly for a few years now, and I wouldn’t want to be without it. I just love it!”

“Think of all the trees saved too because you’re not buying the ‘paper’ editions.”

“Amazing app. Great selection of magazines and the app is easy to use on my iPad and phone.”

Readly is the digital newsstand, with all your favourite titles. Get the latest copies of Good Food, HELLO!, Time, New Scientist and many more all together in one app. And it isn’t just magazines. Today’s newspapers, such as The Guardian or Daily Express, play the latest puzzles and crosswords, and even revisit your old favourites with plenty of back issues.

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