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The makers of CALPOL® understand that when your child gets ill, you want to help them get back to normal again as quickly as possible. The range of products from the makers of CALPOL® helps ease their discomfort and treat your little one’s pain, fever, cough, or cold. CALPOL® is an expert in children’s medicine – with 9/10 mums recommending CALPOL®* - and has been trusted by parents for over 50 years.


Our Infant range provides general pain and fever relief, gentle enough for most babies as young as 2 months. It starts to work on fever in just 15 minutes but is still gentle on delicate tummies. CALPOL® Infant Suspension is available in tasty strawberry flavour as 100ml, 200ml, or sachets. We have sugar free, and sugar & colour free versions available alongside our original suspension.


It’s important to choose an appropriate medicine for your child’s age. CALPOL® SixPlus relieves 5 types of pain… headache, toothache, sore throat, earache, and other aches and pains including muscle aches. CALPOL® SixPlus Suspension is formulated with more than 2x the strength of infant paracetamol. Our SixPlus range includes Suspension and Fastmelts; the only dissolve-in-the-mouth tablet to provide on-the-go pain relief for kids 6 years and over.


With the CALPOL® Family of products, there are a wide range of products to help you relieve the symptoms of your little one’s cold. CALPOL® Saline Nasal Spray and CALPOL® Saline Nasal Drops are suitable from birth and can be used to treat blocked, dry or irritated nasal passages caused by cold and flu, sinusitis, allergy (including hay fever) and post-nasal surgery. We also have the CALPOL® Vapour Plug & Nightlight, which releases soothing lavender and camomile vapours that comfort your child through the night and help with clear & easy breathing.


Cough syrups from the CALPOL® Family have been specially formulated to provide relief from irritating coughs. CALCOUGH Infant Syrup and CALCOUGH Children’s Syrup provides effective relief for little coughs, with immediate soothing relief for day & night use.





From fever, to coughs and blocked noses, we’ve got it covered; Calpol has a range of products for everyday childhood symptoms. For more information about any of our products, please visit

*in a poll of 329 parents of children 10 years and under, 90% were likely to recommend Calpol to friends/family to use for their children. YouGov, 2019. For claims verification please contact us here
CALPOL® Infant Suspension, CALPOL® Sugar Free Colour Free Oral Suspension, and CALPOL® Infant Suspension Sachets. For infants 2 months + (weighing +4kg & not premature). CALPOL® SIXPLUS™ Sugar Free Suspension (for 6+ years only). CALPOL® SIXPLUS™ Fast Melts (for 6+ years only). Contains paracetamol. For pain and fever. Always read the label.
CALPOL® Saline Nasal Spray and CALPOL® Saline Nasal Drops (from birth) for congestion relief. Non medicine. Always read the label.
CALPOL® Vapour Plug & Nightlight (from 3 months) to help with clear and easy breathing. Non medicine. Always read the label
CALCOUGH® Children’s Syrup (for 1+ years). CALCOUGH® Infant Syrup (for 3+ months). Contains glycerol. For cough. Always read the label.


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Infant Our Infant range provides general pain and fever relief, gentle enough for most babies as young as 2 months. It starts to work on…

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