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Redoxon® Triple Action

Your immune system is your body’s natural defence, and caring for it can feel daunting – especially if you’re not sure where to start. A healthy lifestyle can help to benefit your whole body and maintain normal immune system function: this means getting enough sleep, exercise and eating a balanced diet.[1]

If you’ve got a busy lifestyle and you need to be at your best, support is always helpful. That’s why supplementing your diet with the right vitamins can be another way to help support your immune system. Redoxon® Triple Action combines high strength Vitamin C, D and Zinc to help keep your immune system on top form.*

Redoxon® Triple Action is vegetarian, sugar free and can be taken daily to help with immune support. Simply drop a tablet into a glass of water, wait for it to fizz and enjoy the refreshing drink.

*Vitamin C, D and Zinc each help to support the immune system.onse

What’s in Redoxon® Triple Action?

Vitamin C – this nutrient helps to support your immune system. Our bodies can’t make Vitamin C, so we have to get it from our diet. Sometimes it can be good to supplement your diet with Vitamin C, which is where Redoxon® Triple Action can help.

Vitamin D – primarily formed through the action of UV sunlight on the skin, this vitamin helps to support the immune system. Redoxon® Triple Action contains the daily government recommended intake of Vitamin D (10 micrograms).

 Zinc – helps maintain your skin – the body’s first line of defence. It helps to support your immune system and is an antioxidant which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress. It has a range of functions in the body, including contributing to the maintenance of normal bones, hair, nails and skin.


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