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Emollients are moisturising treatments applied directly to the skin to soothe and hydrate it. They cover the skin with a protective film to trap in moisture. Emollients are often used to help manage dry, itchy or scaly skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and ichthyosis, and they help prevent patches of inflammation and flare-ups of these conditions.1

There are many different types of emollient products available and Galen has a product for every dry skin condition:

  • ExoCream® is a simple emollient that is suitable for all ages, including infants.2
  • MiclaroTM Oat Cream and MiclaroTM Oat Lotion provides an oatmeal based alternative. They are both designed for dry and sensitive skin and are suitable for all ages, including children over 3 months old.3,4
  • MyribaseTM Gel is great if you have dry or chapped skin.5
  • MyribaseTM Emollient Shower Gel is an effective emollient soap substitute that won’t dry out the skin.6
  • DermiparTM Ointment is a protective hydrating emollient for the relief of dry skin conditions.7

Ideally, emollients should be applied at least three or four times a day in order to keep your skin well moisturised and in good condition. It is especially important to regularly apply an emollient to the hands and face areas as they’re exposed to the elements more than other parts of the body.1


You can buy emollients from a pharmacy without a prescription. Galen’s emollient products are available from:


If the skin condition is severe, talk to a pharmacist, GP, nurse or health visitor, as you may need a stronger treatment. You should also talk to a pharmacist, GP, nurse or health visitor if you suffer a skin reaction, such as a burning or stinging sensation or a rash.


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