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Did you also know that clinical trials could not happen without volunteers like you?

Maybe you’ve heard about clinical trials in the news, online, from a friend or even your doctor, and would like to learn more. You may even wonder how you can enroll in a clinical study yourself. If you or someone you care about have ever thought about joining a clinical trial, it is important to find out as much as possible before you participate – and PRA Health Sciences* is here to help.

Clinical Research For Dummies is an easy to read, yet highly informative resource written for anyone

curious about clinical trials. Whether you’re interested in learning more about the role studies

play in the medical world, the benefits offered to participants, or what should be expected if you

chose to enter a study – this book has the answers.


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FREE eBook.

*PRA Health Sciences delivers innovative drug development solutions that improve patients’ lives. We work tirelessly to deliver
exceptional experience across all phases of research and therapeutic areas with the goal of improving outcom


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