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Every dog is different so why feed them the same? At every dog gets their own recipe. We tailor their nutrition based on their individual needs - and we use ingredients proven to improve their health.

Containing the right balance of meat, vegetables and added supplements, our recipes are made by nutrition experts and backed by science to improve things like digestion, teeth, joints, skin and coat. Of course, all our food is free from artificial colours, preservatives and flavours, too.

For fussy eaters and sensitive tums, too

Some dogs dislike certain flavours. Others seem to have a dicky tum no matter what they eat. We’ve helped dogs and their owners overcome all kinds of health and personal hurdles. Tell us about your dog and our algorithm will use all those details to tailor a delicious recipe that will do them good – and one they’ll lap-up. And if your dog doesn’t love their recipe after one week, we’ll prepare another for free.

Manage your dog’s weight and health complaints

Getting your dog’s portion size right can be tricky. And we all have a different idea of how much food our dog needs. But feeding the right amount can have a big impact on their health – keeping them at a healthy weight and reducing pressure on their joints. When you choose, we’ll make sure your dog always gets exactly the right amount, based on the information you provide in our easy two-minute nutritional consultation. And we’ll send you a personalised feeding plan and portion scoop with your dog’s recipe so it’s super easy to serve the right amount.


Fast and FREE delivery each month

Sign up today to get 75% off your first box using the promo code PHARMACY. You can easily manage your account online and cancel any time. Our dedicated care team is always happy to help answer any questions.

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