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At the last count there were just under 12,000 community pharmacies in England, 1,254 in Scotland, 713 in Wales and 531 in Northern Ireland.

Every day, about 1.8 million people visit a pharmacy

84% of adults visit a pharmacy at least once a year

81% of the public hold a favourable view of pharmacies. Source: NPA

96% of the population can get to their local pharmacy within 20 minutes

1,046 million prescription items were dispensed by community pharmacies in England in 2019/20,

103 million in Scotland, 82.1 million in Wales and 41.8 million in Northern Ireland.

From 1 April 2021, the NHS prescription charge in England increased to £9.35 per prescription item. There are no prescription charges in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

71% see local pharmacies as a key part of the NHS. Source: NPA

People visit pharmacies four times more frequently than they visit their GP

Up to 18 million GP appointments and 3.7 million A&E visits could instead be handled in a pharmacy

74% want to see community pharmacies provide a wide range of NHS services, and see them as ‘neighbourhood health and wellbeing centres. Source: NPA

89% believed pharmacies played an important role during the Covid-19 crisis. Source: NPA