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Magnesium is a superstar mineral, supporting 80% of the metabolic functions in your body. One of its roles is to help regulate your neurotransmitters, which send messages throughout your body and brain. Magnesium deficiency can contribute to both the physical and psychiatric symptoms of stress.

Magnesium also affects the hypothalamus, an area of the brain that aids in regulating your adrenal and pituitary glands. These glands produce stress hormones that are crucial to survival when you’re in dangerous situations, but when your body is low in magnesium, so is the threshold for the activation of these hormones. This leads to feelings of stress and anxiety in situations that normally wouldn’t be distressing. To make matters worse, stress can drain your body’s existing magnesium stores, which leads to a vicious cycle of stress leading to more stress. If you’re feeling easily overwhelmed, magnesium deficiency may be a factor.

The good news: Magnesium can support the brain functions that naturally reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.  Studies have found magnesium supplementation shows promise in effectively reducing moderate anxiety, while minimizing the overall impact of stress on the body.

Supplementing with magnesium may also help you fall asleep faster and have more satisfying sleep.

A recent study found that participants who took supplements containing magnesium had better sleep scores than the placebo group. They also exhibited improvements in falling asleep, quality of sleep, and alertness the following morning.

While you can get adequate magnesium from a varied diet, soil depletion has made it difficult to obtain the recommended daily amount of magnesium. A magnesium supplement can help to fill those dietary gaps.

Not all magnesium supplements are created equal, and not all will offer the same benefit. MAG365 is an award-winning ionic magnesium citrate powder that is easy for the body to absorb and utilize. It is ionized as soon as it is added to hot water, maximizing its bioavailability and making it easier to get the sleep-promoting, stress-relieving benefits of magnesium.

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