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Here we provide some interesting pharmacy facts and figures, including how many community pharmacies are in the UK and the percentage of adults that visit a pharmacy at least once a year

At the last count there were just under 12,000 community pharmacies in England, 1,254 in Scotland, 713 in Wales and 531 in Northern Ireland.

Every day, about 1.8 million people visit a pharmacy

84% of adults visit a pharmacy at least once a year

81% of the public hold a favourable view of pharmacies. Source: NPA

96% of the population can get to their local pharmacy within 20 minutes

1,046 million prescription items were dispensed by community pharmacies in England in 2019/20,

103 million in Scotland, 82.1 million in Wales and 41.8 million in Northern Ireland.

From 1 April 2021, the NHS prescription charge in England increased to £9.35 per prescription item. There are no prescription charges in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

71% see local pharmacies as a key part of the NHS. Source: NPA

People visit pharmacies four times more frequently than they visit their GP

Up to 18 million GP appointments and 3.7 million A&E visits could instead be handled in a pharmacy

74% want to see community pharmacies provide a wide range of NHS services, and see them as ‘neighbourhood health and wellbeing centres. Source: NPA

89% believed pharmacies played an important role during the Covid-19 crisis. Source: NPA


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