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Stop settling for whatever’s on the shelf, and start expecting more from your period products. Callaly delivers tailored boxes of organic cotton period products through your door, when it suits you. You can choose from a range of tampons, tampliners, day pads, night pads and liners in absorbencies to fit your period – no surplus, no shopping.


7 out of 10 people who use tampons also add a liner just in case of leaks. With Callaly’s tampliner, a totally new kind of period product, you get the same peace of mind but without the bulk of a separate liner. The tampliner combines an organic cotton tampon with a soft mini-liner that tucks between your labia for extra protection against leaks. The mini-liner follows the contours of your body for a natural silhouette, making it a great choice for exercise, with your favourite underwear or when you’re wearing body-hugging clothes. It’s convenient, hypoallergenic and mess-free to insert and remove; the tampon even wraps itself on the way out.






As a B Corp, Callaly uses business as a force for good by donating 1% of sales to non-profits, and always puts health before profit. Its products are made with 100% soft organic cotton that’s free from dioxins, dyes, pesticides and fragrances, so they’re gentle on your body and the planet. But that doesn’t come at the expense of quality; the tampliner was designed by a gynaecologist using medical-grade materials for your comfort and safety.


“Amazing. Never used tampliners before but now i don’t know how I coped without them” – Samantha, Leicestershire

“Game changing! Really easy to use and I was impressed by the way [tampliners] self wrap when you remove them. High quality product and packaging that I love” – Courtney, London

“These products made me a lot less irritated than other products I have used including Always and Bodyform” – Kristin, Northern Ireland

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