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We all want to get out and be active – but what if you are one of the 1 in 3 women or 1 in 10 men who leak with exercise or coughing? Extra pressure on the bladder with energetic movements can be just enough to allow the urine to spill…

iMEDicare Pelvic Health Naturally offers a comprehensive range of incontinence management solutions that are wearable and re-useable.

Wearever Washables are a stylish range of incontinence underwear with built in absorption ranging from 150-650 ml and up to 250 washes. Learn more about the female range (bikini style to maxi-pants) here and male options (including briefs and boxers) here.

For ladies:

The Uresta bladder Support Pessary is taking the female fitness world by storm ! Impact incontinence (leaking with energetic movement) affects up to 6 in 10 women when exercising – Uresta is the quick fix you’ve been looking for – inserted vaginally, this discrete medical grade Bladder Support Pessary offers instant relief from stress urinary incontinence leaks. Uresta can be worn throughout the day and inserted or removed easily as needed.

For men:

The Pacey Cuff Ultra Urethral Control Device is the all new discrete self-managed wearable that offers instant relief from Stress Urinary Leaks – ideal for any outdoors or social occasion. Wrapped comfortably around the penile shaft in 3 size options whilst protecting blood circulation, the padded urethral bridge controls leaks – takes seconds to apply.

For heavier urine incontinence of all types,  the Afex Core Bodyworn Urinal Device is practically a portaloo strapped to your body. Featuring an ergonomic jock strap style brief that houses a durable penile receptacle, urine leakages small and large drain effortlessly into a double sealed collection bag on the inner thigh. Empty when convenient and reset the clock on those long outdoor excursions. Available on NHS Prescription.

Rule your body and assert control over your incontinence.

Choose Life – not leaks!

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