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We are all trying to adapt to a ‘new normal’ these days. Our routines have been disrupted, our physical and mental health are being tested by new challenges and pressures. Being aware of one’s level of activity, stress and rest are more important than ever.

Simple things matter, like recognizing when you are tired or stressed. Just setting small daily goals, like getting outside and walking for 30 mins or getting 8 hours of sleep can help keep everything in balance.





Suunto 3 helps you maintain a balance between activity and recovery.

Suunto 3 automatically counts your daily steps and calories. But to balance activity, a good night’s sleep is essential. Wear Suunto 3 at night to track your sleep too. In the sleep summary you’ll see how long you slept, and how well your sleep supports recovery.

Additionally, the watch measures your stress and recovery throughout the day to help you manage your day. Learn more at

Suunto app: your activity and adventure diary

Suunto app is the companion to your Suunto watch and an additional resource to enable your active life. Easily track your activity trends and history, set daily and weekly goals to stay motivated while getting all the key sports data you want. Discover new tracks to explore with ‘popular routes’ nearby, making adventures even easier to enjoy! Learn more at

Suunto is a Finnish company that has been creating adventure, sports and wellness solutions since 1936. Download the Suunto app from here for free and get to know the brand better.

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