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There’s a place you can go to help you make healthier choices and support you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle - your local community pharmacy

Local pharmacies occupy a unique position in the heart of the communities they serve; however, the number of people that are unaware of what pharmacies can offer is surprising given their high street presence.

As well as a place to get medicines and medicines advice, your local pharmacy also provides a host of other health services too such as health checks, flu vaccinations, sexual health and smoking cessation services.

Since April 2020, all pharmacies in England are Healthy Living Pharmacies to at least Level One accreditation. HLPs are a great platform to raise awareness, address risky behaviours and signpost to further support.

Healthy Living Pharmacy overview

A Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) is one which has been recognised as consistently demonstrating a healthy living ethos and a proactive approach to health and health improvement.

The pharmacy must also show that it meets set quality criteria, have appointed one or more qualified Health Champion(s).

Pharmacies in England that meet these criteria are awarded the HLP quality mark so you can easily identify them as your local Healthy Living Pharmacy.

And since April 2020, it is a mandatory requirement of the new pharmacy contract that all community pharmacies become an HLP Level 1.

To achieve and to maintain Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) Level 1 status as defined by Public Health England’s quality criteria, pharmacy teams are required to meet 27 quality criteria and are required to demonstrate how they meet these. Holding health promotion events/campaigns and documenting details of these are a way for pharmacy teams to demonstrate that they meet several of these criteria.


✚ A community hub

✚ A health and wellbeing ethos

✚ Local stakeholder engagement

✚ Consistent high-quality service delivery

✚ Health-promoting environment

✚ Trained health champions on site

✚ Pharmacy leadership

✚ Caters to public health needs of the community

✚ Proactive, friendly, approachable staff

✚ Innovative initiatives and delivery

Source: Public Health England, 2016

Health Champions

Healthy Living Champions (HLCs) provide health information and signpost patients to relevant health services to enable them to live healthier lifestyles. Health Champions ensure the information provided is relevant, up to date and appropriate 

Health campaigns

Healthy Living Pharmacies are required to deliver a minimum of six health campaigns a year and should also run one of these out in the community.

Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) Health Promotion Zone

An HLP’s Health Promotion Zone resources are regularly updated to ensure the information provided is relevant, up to date and appropriate It should:

✚ be clearly marked and accessible;

✚ have a professional appearance; and

✚ be appropriately equipped with up-to-date professional health and wellbeing information that meets the local public health needs.


✚ Healthy Living Pharmacies improve the public’s health and drive improvements in service quality and innovation

✚ People walking into a Healthy Living Pharmacy are twice as likely to set a quit date for smoking and then quit than if they walked into a non-Healthy Living Pharmacy

✚ Healthy Living Pharmacies consistently deliver high-quality public health services – NHS Health Checks, weight management, sexual health etc

✚ Healthy Living Pharmacies reach out to local communities (universities, businesses, schools, community centres, etc) with health improvement advice and services

Source: Public Health England, 2016

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