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Carefree laughter, enjoying sports or a fulfilled relationship: Many people who are affected by incontinence, lose these elements of normality that we take for granted. Incontinence constantly poses daily challenges for those who are affected as well as their family.

MoliCare® are here to support you with our product solutions, helping people experiencing bladder weakness and incontinence to take control of daily life and manage their personal needs. According to a survey by HARTMANN, 79% of those affected consider it important that the products effectively neutralise odours, whilst 78% want protection that is as discreet as possible and 61% attach importance to incontinence products not irritating the skin.1





MoliCare® Skintegrity is a holistic incontinence care system which consists of absorbent pads, pants and slips combined with skincare products that are designed to be used together for a complete skin and continence care solution.  The materials and skincare ingredients help maintain a skin neutral pH value of 5.5, are dermatologically tested and are gentle yet effective to help keep fragile and mature skin healthy, helping prevent skin irritations such as incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD), one of the most common complications of incontinence. The MoliCare® Skin products complement the absorbent products without affecting their absorption capacity.


The discreet and reliable protection of MoliCare®, together with the specially formulated MoliCare® Skin range create a complete care system to help restore some normality to those affected by incontinence.


For more information and to receive your free sample visit Hartmann Direct


1 HARTMANN study, ‘Breaking the Silence’, 2019

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