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Try Evolve® to relieve your symptoms

Evolve® uses unique preservative-free formulations that:

  • Provide long-lasting relief, lubrication and protection for your dry eyes.
  • Are recommended by eye care professionals.
  • Are preservative-free which protect your eyes from preservative damage.
  • Eliminate the use of sensitisers, that can irritate your eyes, with
    NEW Evolve® Soothe & Renew and Evolve® Repair & Protect.
  • Offer great value eye drops with up to 360 doses, that’s double compared to most others, which means that one bottle can last up to 3 months.
  • Can be used whilst wearing all types of contact lenses.
  • Are vegan friendly
  • 76% of patients prefer the easy-to-use bottle.
  • Remove detergents, which disrupt your tear film, found in other eyelid wipes


If you want the latest technology in dry eye care, order Evolve® today and save 20%* on your first order.

Use the code PHARMACY21 when you visit or call
on 0333 433 0831 and have them delivered to you.

* Offer valid until 30 September 2021. This is in addition to other multi-buy special offers.

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